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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are the most basic tree maintenance routines. It is easy to trim or prune trees, and you can easily do it yourself. However, the problem comes when the trees to be trimmed are touching utility lines. Again, you may not have the tools or the time to trim your trees, and this is where we come in. Call us today for tree trimming in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, and surrounding areas.
Trees are generally trimmed to enhance their aesthetics, to make them healthier, and to ensure your safety.

  • For beauty: When you trim a tree, you maintain its shape and enhance its overall appearance. However, when trimming trees, it is important that you shape them to their natural shape. Trimming them to achieve an unnatural shape or size can harm them. This is why you need a professional to trim your trees.
  • For safety: Dead and broken branches and limbs are a safety hazard as they can fall off any time. Again, if there are tree branches hanging too low that they obstruct your vision when you are driving, you need to trim them. Branches that grow too close to utility lines should also be trimmed. Call a professional or call the utility company when trimming branches too close to utility lines.
  • For tree health: You can save the life of a tree from diseases and pests by strategically trimming away infected branches and limbs. When you thin the crown of a tree, you enhance the flow of air, thereby facilitating a tree’s health.

You might also want to trim tree branches if they grow too close to your house and start dropping leaves into your gutter.
We advise our customers always to have their trees trimmed on January or February. These are the coldest months in Texas. It is the period at which trees are at their most dormant stage. As such, the trees will heal fast after trimming. While a pine tree can be trimmed any time, it is still advisable to trim or prune when the tree is dormant. The only exception is when a hazard or the overgrowth cannot wait until the cold season. When trimming, small branches (5 centimeters or less in diameter) are easily and safely removed. We can also trim tree branches between 5 and 10cm in diameter with a good reason. Branches with more than 10cm in diameter should only be removed with good reason.

We advise that you prune branches when they are young. This way, the branches are easier to remove, and they do not leave large scars on trees. If a tree is one-half or three-quarters the diameter of the tree trunk, it should not be removed as this may harm the tree.
We have the right tools and the expertise to trim your trees. Our arborist in Killeen is certified to trim trees and offer tree removal services without causing damage to your property. Call today and enjoy quality services.

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