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Tree Cutting

While you may feel guilty cutting down a mature tree from your yard, sometimes it is necessary. It is true that our world needs more trees. But we have to be prepared to cut down some trees to plant more. At Tree Service Pros of Killeen, we love trees; from the largest oak to the smallest trees in the forest. We will help you cut down your tree if we feel that it is the only way out.
When trees cause structural damage, you need to have them cut. When trees grow, they spread their roots wide, and in some instances, they may lead to cracks on structures on your yard. Again, some trees interfere with the drainage in your yard. Trees such as silver maples can block water from running away from your yard, and this can interfere with your house’s structural integrity. When you weigh the damages a tree can cause, you are left with no option but to cut it down. Call the experts to have the tree cut safely and effectively.
If a tree makes it challenging for you to plan your property and incorporate all the outdoors features you need, the answer will be to bring it down. You do not have to fully remove the tree as the stump can be useful when you are creating an outdoor shade for drinks. Tree removal will ensure you have enough space to design your property. If you are not sure whether you should cut down the tree, call out arborist in Killeen and let us help you decide.
Dead, hollow, and diseased trees need to be cut down. Our tree removal service will get these tree down to reduce chances of the tree falling on people, structures, or utility lines. Hollow trees are especially a risky hazard as their trunks get weak and can fall off any moment. Diseased trees are removed to ensure they do not spread the disease to healthy trees on your yard or on your neighbor’s yard. Dead trees no longer add curb appeal; they get ugly, and this could lower the value of your home.
If you have to cut down a tree you are emotionally attached to; you might need to plant a new one after tree cutting. You might redesign the tree to be part of your patio or deck if the tree is healthy and is only obstructing space you’d want to develop.
We are your neighborhood tree cutting company. When you need tree cutting, call us. We assess your tree and its location to determine the most appropriate way to remove it. We can cut the tree from the base of the trunk if your property has enough escape space or cut the tree piece by piece from the top. Call us today; we are your top local arborist.

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