Emergency Tree Service

Storms wreak havoc. A storm may leave your yard in a mess with tree branches or entire trees fallen. In such a situation, you may not know where to start. We are here for you when you need us most; we remove trees and trim weak branches after a storm. For any emergency tree service that needs a professional, may it be a branch that falls on utility lines or a tree that falls on a structure on your outdoor living space, we have you covered.

When the soil is saturated with water, and there are strong winds during a storm, branches weaken, and tree roots become loose. If a tree or a branch falls during a stormy period, you will need to have it removed. You might also have a tree that looks like falling any time and may need it removed. Trees that look dangerously close to falling may cause more damage to property if they fall.
Do not attempt to clear fallen or falling trees by yourself. These trees may be in contact with utility lines, at soaring heights, or in hard-to-reach areas. As such, you need to have a professional take care of these trees. Our tree removal specialists have the tools and the expertise to safely remove trees after a storm.

When you call us for emergency tree service, we will mobilize our emergency response team comprising certified and licensed arborists. The specialists will assess the damage to determine the best removal procedure. We will help you with cleaning up after the tree removal.
We offer preventive emergency services. Your trees might get through the storm seemingly unscathed. However, storms will leave roots and branches weakened. The signs may not be obvious, but when the next storm comes, the trees or branches may end up falling.

After a storm, call our certified and licensed arborists in Killeen to inspect your property and see whether there are any looming dangers. If there are conditions that might predispose your trees to fail, we will correct that. Our arborist will give recommendations on how to prep your trees for the storm. Based on our assessment, we might prune or remove trees.
Our specialists are trained to identify the best methods to remove fallen trees and branches, trim branches that look dangerously like they might fall and remove trees shows roots cannot survive a storm. We not only remove the mess left by a storm but also ensure that your yard is safe for the next storm.

When you need emergency tree trimming and tree removal service, we are here to help. Call us today; we are your neighborhood emergency tree service specialist.

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