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Trees beautify our yards and even increase the value of properties. But for them to do that, trees need to be cared for. Tree care starts from the time you plant a seedling; you need to water the seedling, fertilize the soil around the tree, prune the tree when it gets to a certain height and much more needs to be done before the tree matures. Even after tree maturation, you will still need to prune and trim to give them the desired shape and ensure they do not overgrow.

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When you need professional tree care services, we are here. While it might be easier to prune trees at home, it is more challenging to diagnose and treat tree diseases. Again, we might have all heard stories of two people who were cutting down a tree. One ends up in a hospital, and the other ends up having issues with their insurance company. To avoid all the trouble that comes with tree care, choose a licensed arborist in Killeen and a tree removal expert to get your trees taken care of in a safe and efficient manner.

You might be tempted to trim the trees that beautify your yard. What’s more, you only need a few tools, and you are good to go. But then when you need tree cutting or tree removal services, you might have to call a professional. 

At Tree Service Pros of Killeen, we offer you an overall tree care package to ensure you never have to risk climbing a tree to trim overgrown branches. Usually, our services start with a site visit to examine the condition of your trees and your tree care needs. Out-licensed arborist in Killeen or our tree cutting expert will visit your home when you place a call. Our arborist may recommend removal of some sick branches or removal of the whole tree. We never leave any task to you; we take care of the removal or cutting or treating whichever is recommended.

When trees need cutting or removal, we have you covered. When trees dry in your yard, they need to be removed. If a tree is sick and the arborist feels there is a need to remove it before it infects other trees, we remove it. Again, if there is a hollow tree on your yard, we will examine it and may recommend removal.

Hollow and dried trees are dangerous when left unattended on your yard. Hollow trees, for instance, get weak and may fall due to strong winds. You never know when the tree may fall and where it will fall. This is why you need a professional to cut it off and remove the stump. Sick trees are dangerous to healthy trees on your yard. While most sick trees can be treated, some need removal to protect healthy trees.
We help take care of your seedlings. Planting trees is a fun and simple task; all you need is to dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the roots of the tree seedling, place the seedling in the hole and cover it. Once the seedling has been transplanted, it needs to be watered. It needs to be protected from diseases, and it needs pruning when that time comes. If you have a lot of transplanted seedlings, taking care of them might not fit in your schedule. Even worse, you might not know how to fertilize the soil to enhance the growth of your trees.

At Tree Service Pros of Killeen, we ensure that your transplanted seedlings get the best care. From tree fertilization and tree trimming to tree diseases treatment and more, we have you covered.

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Receive professional tree care service on your residential property.

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There’s no job too big (or small) for our commercial tree service.

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1.    We not only offer you tree care and tree removal services at competitive prices but will also prove our expertise when you call us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get your job done on time and to perfection. We ensure you get what you paid for and even some.

2.    When you need tree trimming in Killeen and surrounding areas to include Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton, Lampasas, and Kempner or you need an arborist or tree removal expert, it is easy to get us to service your tree needs. Call us, send us an email or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. While we may not be within the service areas all the time, we ensure that we reply to your calls or emails ASAP.

3.    We take pleasure in doing what we do. We are a passionate team of tree care experts. As such, we ensure we deliver the best services your trees and your yard deserve. When you need tree care services done right the first time, call us.

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